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This list of websites is a work in progress - we are still trying to decide on the best layout.

AnimeOTK.com Manga of all varieties.  There is a ton of spanking art for the finding!
Archive of Our Own This is a massive site dedicated to fan fiction. Posts are scrupulously tagged for locating exactly what you are looking for. Strictop searched on, "spank, M/M" and was rewarded with over 38,000 results.
BDSMLR This is the first major replacement blog for Tumblr, which allows explicit sex (for now?). Tons of spanking porn and everything else gay BDSM related. Follow spankedson, MikeyBlu, and Herman8 to get started.
Boys Being Boys Lots of spanking artwork. The highlight of the website is 169 galleries of art and 61 galleries of comics - although the categorization seems silly because much of the "art" is very comic-like. Each "gallery" has a limit of 18 images so you'll need to view to view multiple "galleries" to see all the artwork of the prolific artists. Sadly the website has not been updated since January 2017, but it's still a treasure trove of very good material.
Cornertime Confidential Jake's excellent blog from the point of view those who get spanked.
CORPUN World corporal punishment research site, a massive, top-tier, well-established corporal punishment information site. They provide over 5,000 pages of factual documentation and resources on corporal punishment around the world. Very logically and clearly laid out. Indexes include art, topic, and country of origin. Everybody who is even remotely interested in the topic of spanking either as an adult fetish or institutional punishment should visit this site!
Daddy's Here This site is included here because of its comprehensive listing of 3D (aka Poser) artists listed alphbetically.  Most of the art is non-spanking, but the few artists that create spanking using 3D software (ULF--of course; Turquine; Mack22, BlondBear, etc.) are well represented. Sadly, the navigation is confusing, which makes it hard to find anything. Perhaps this list of links can help you find something good. Many images were deleted from the server so if you're really desperate to look at something you might want to look at a archive.org copy of the website from former years.
Deviant art Deviantart is a popular online art gallery presenting about half of a billion digital artworks (referred to as "deviations") by 65 million artists (which they call "deviants"). There is quite a bit of interesting spanking and kinky artwork on this website but the user-interface is very confusing so it can take a while to find the artists and groups. The website blocks "mature content" for the general public so to it's essential to create an account and enable "Display mature content" in your user settings. Some recommended "deviants" to check out are ArtofOTK, Arkham-Insanity, Cmxpnk, BareFootJimmy. Also Otto149 is a prolific artist if you like F/M drawings. Recommended "groups" are SpankHisAss, spanking-fanart. To find things it's often useful to sample the "Favorites" of other users or see who other users are "Watching." For example, deviant MKPfibra has a favorite "collection" called "MM Spanking" which is nice. You can also inspect all the artwork tagged for "spanking" but it's a massive collection of mostly non M/M art. 
Furaffinity Massive gallery of anthropomorphic animals ("furries") in every conceivable erotic and non-erotic context. There is a wealth of content for the furry spanko if you look for it. Search for Phillabuster, Knest, Furfer, and Croup to mention a few.
The House of Telemachus This site specializes in illustrated homoerotic stories and is notable for its strict policy of posting only artist-approved content. There is a helpful page of contact information for artists.  For those artists who prefer not to publish their contact info, the webmaster will forward your mail.  The site tends to emphasize BDSM content with a significant amount of spanking from some very well-known artists (Jotto, Jubell, Iceman Blue to name a few).  Of particular interest is the Franco gallery, which is where Franco publishes his most current work.
Jockspank Very large, well-established blog that specializes in photo stills and video clips of gay spanking porn. Besides that, the site contains a massive amount of art and other content of interest, assiduously tagged for easy retrieval. If you are looking for something in particular (we recently were searching for the spanking photos from Royal Studios), you are very apt to find it here.
MaleSpank.net This is the new home of the M-M Spanking Archive, THE location for male-oriented user-submitted spanking fiction.  It is a MASSIVE collection of stories about every conceivable spanking fetish.  Stories can be filtered by date, writer, or popularity (based on a rating system). A complex system of icons allow you to search for content of interest. It used to be Jimka's site.  
Smiles and Spanks @NatruallyGin (Twitter) and her amazing (mostly heterosexual) blog IS BACK! Gin is rebuilding her phenomenal archive with a good amount of male-male spanking art. Gin spends a great deal of time editorializing about the art she displays and has a content-based organization system that works very well. Of note is her large collection of heterosexual, Victorian-era line art.
Patreon This is one of the important places where artists can monetize their work. The way it works is you find an artist you want to support and you pay for a monthly subscription. Prices vary widely (as low as $2/month) but can go up to $25/month depending on the popularity of the artist. Belascoe, Iceman Blue, Arkham Insanity, Marmotap, & Zani Space are a few of the many artists we support.
pixiv pixiv is a massive Japan-based site with TONS of art! We recently made friends with two artists hitherto unknown (or at unconnected with) who draw a lot of spanking and who each have granted permission to allow galleries on this site (Leontopd and Ichiroota). The site contains every conceivable form of manga and hentai.
Sore Bottom Guys Bruce's site for his amazing photo montage work. He specializes in illustrated stories in which deserving young men get their comeuppance--invariably applied to their bare bottoms.
SpankingArt.org This is a Wiki dedicated to EVERYTHING spanking! It's a great idea to have a Wiki about spanking. The SpankingArt.org website is very functional and fast but unfortunately there has never been a massive crowd of people willing to contribute good content to it and do updates. The List of artists shows about 600 artists which initially seems very impressive but when you look at the individual artist pages you'll find that things are very hit or miss. Some important artists (i.e. Copper) have no hosted images at all, whereas other artists (i.e. Euticus) have a gallery containing many images. It would be great if miscellaneous people would do updates to the SpankingArt.org wiki but understandably it's a lot of work to update a website like this - we at GaySpankArt.com know how time consuming it is to organize artwork on a website!
Tumblr Once upon a time, Tumblr was THE place to host porn. Recent changes resulted in massive content deletion, but somehow spanking is not considered porn. Follow Daytonoh to get you plugged into a massive source of spanking photography and art.
y-Gallery This is the re-emerged y-gallery, which hosts all kinds of "controversial" and alternative porn. It is notable for being the current home of the elusive Spryte.

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Hal Cloud		spanking art and stories	https://halcloud.wordpress.com/art/  
Iceman Blue		contact point Iceman Blue	www.icemanblue.com
Kirwan			proprietary archive of his work	http://www.kirwanarts.com/indexmain.htm
Leslie-Lohman gallery, 	L.A. gallery			https://www.leslielohman.org/

Patreon			porn art subscription		https://www.patreon.com/home
renderotica		gay & straight 3D art	https://www.renderotica.com/artists
Tagame			contact point buying art	http://www.tagame.org/home.html
tom of Finland		official site			http://TomOfFinland.org
BLCLAVA			fun GIF art				https://blclava.tumblr.com
bound artwork		male mondage art			www.boundartwork.blogspot.com
Cavelo			fan site				https://retrogaycavelo.tumblr.com/
Dongsaeng		dead archive of his art			gaysomecomic.tumblr.com
he-thong		3D renders				https://www.tumblr.com/blog/view/hethongart
ISM@RT (ARDIPANDA)	big collection of orginal work		https://ismarte17.tumblr.com/
Kernled			large archive of orginal work		https://www.tumblr.com/blog/view/kernled
man flesh		dead archive of his art			http://man-flesh1.blogspot.com/
Pote			large archive of orginal work		www.bdsmmaledrawings.blogspot.com
Red Rump		dead archive of his art			https://redrump.blogspot.com/?zx=29e96cd69ce0b3bb
turquine		large archive of orginal work		https://turquineart.blogspot.com
Tvfish-art		public embarrassment			www.dontloseyourpants.blogspot.com
ULF's blog		dead archive of his art			https://ulfart.blogspot.com/
Bara comix Brazil	varied art postings			https://baracomicsbrasil.blogspot.com/
Kalabro			large archive of orginal work		https://kalabroart.blogspot.com/
Sherwin			large archive of orginal work		https://worldofsherwin.blogspot.com/
TAM			large archive of orginal work		https://tamsart2011.blogspot.com/
Letimonddemike		primitive original art			https://letimonddemike.blogspot.com
Waldo                   large archive of orginal work in french www.tamsart2011.blogspot.com


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