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In addition to providing access to thousands of artworks of male-oriented spanking by a wide range of artists, we are proud to make available the entire canon of Red Tails magazine.

Man's Hand Films published 112 issues of Red Tails over the course of twenty-seven (27) years (from the Summer of 1992 until the Fall of 2019).  During this time, Red Tails went from a black-and-white, cut-and-paste fetish ‘zine, to a full-color magazine, and finally to a high-resolution online periodical.  Over this time, the editors produced over 5,500 pages of artwork, stories, comics, opinion and information related to men-spanking-men.  They hired some of the best-known artists to provide an astonishing array of spanking art.  Red Tails advocated strongly for safe and sane spanking play and often provided knowledgeable how-to information to the beginning enthusiast.  Sadly, with the increasing availability of spanking content on social media and streaming services, and the industry-wide decline in interest for periodicals, the people at Man’s Hand Films have decided that it is time to close this chapter.

From its inception, Red Tails has been a primary--often the only--avenue for men to contact other men into spanking.  It has been an invaluable resource to the spanking community and the source of countless hours of reading enjoyment and artistic fantasy.  As such, we at GaySpankArt.com are thrilled to announce that we have legally procured rights to publish, archive and distribute the entire Red Tails oeuvre.  We have known and been personal friends with the owners of Man’s Hand Films for over twenty years.  We believe that the art and stories in Red Tails are too valuable to allow to slip away.  So, through GaySpankArt.com we will be making available high-resolution versions of every drawing, painting, and cartoon from the magazine, organized into separate galleries by artist.  These artworks will be tagged for easy retrieval and viewing according to who created them as well as their fetish content.  In addition, for those interested in the magazine-reading experience, each complete issue will be available to read online or download in PDF format.

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